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Reframing My Circumstances

Everything happens for a a reason

Things are not just happening to me!

This is something I have to remind myself of often, especially with where the world is today. I have a hand in creating a lot of the experiences I have in my life, as all of us do. Even the things that happen that I can’t explain or control have their purpose. They exist to show me something, inform me in some way about whatever I’ve been seeking out, consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes those moments manifest in ways that make me vibrate high, and sometimes they make me say “No, this isn’t who I choose to be. I want to be the opposite of this and I choose that.”

Change the lens

Life is about response, and making that connection really helps me when I need to reframe my circumstances. It’s the not always looking at the glass half empty but half full mentality, right? Not necessarily blind optimism but more of a constant choosing of what you want to experience as things flow. If I am already operating as though I am or have the things I need, I will make room for those things to flow to me. One single moment does not define me or decline my destiny. There are many moments, all connected and manifesting at the same time, that define and design my destiny.

So no, things are not just happening to me. Life may be happening, but I can always count on being able to control my mind, my feelings, and my response to the things around.

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