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Protecting My Peace

2021 already on 10

Is it me or did 2021 have a conversation with 2020 and decide it was gonna cut up too? First week of the year has started off on 10, and my anxiety has been trying to get the best of me. Am I doing enough? How can I be more productive with my time? What is going in the world around me? I’ve been overwhelming myself with a lot of these questions over the last few days. I had to step back, regroup and remember one of my goals for this new season—protecting my energy and protecting my peace.

Intentional boundaries

I consider myself an extroverted introvert so I thrive off of time alone in my own bubble. I need that time to be reflective and recharge so I’m better equipped to navigate the things I can’t control. I’m pretty intentional about this most of time, but this year I made a promise to myself to set boundaries around what I allow to affect my energy vibrations. What that looks like to me is being okay with shutting the news off, putting my phone down and taking moments to breathe. Holding space for honoring myself with “me time” even if my friends and family might see that as selfish. In essence, it is and I need it.

It’s the declaration for Me

I realize I’m at my best when I take time to invest in my emotional, mental and spiritual health. All of those things are connected to how grounded I feel when I’m at peace. And that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is going the way I planned, but it does mean I’m in constant space of acceptance and gratitude about what’s happening in my life in real time. So to 2021, you started out kinda heavy for me but it’s all good—I’m setting a boundary, you can’t have my peace. That’s mine baby. 🙏🏾

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