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Manifesting My Dreams

Power of thought

Every thought I create has the power to define my experience. I’m still understanding the layers of this process because I don’t always feel like I’m being intentional with what I’m creating. What I mean is even when my subconscious is manifesting something, I tell myself I couldn’t have possibly created that even though I’m actually directly involved in it. It’s like with my dreams at night, they feel so real yet are so other worldly even though it’s all rooted in my psyche. So how do I own and stay connected to my thought creation process?

Say it out loud

Affirmations and mantras are the gateways to manifestation in my life. Writing it down, saying it out loud, putting it in a song, I do whatever keeps me vibrating high and close to the experience I want to create. But it’s not always easy for me because I tend to get caught up focusing on things I can’t control. These days when I find myself spiraling I go back to my affirmations to remind myself what I should be focused on, and it informs what I choose to do with my next moment.

What my dreams really mean

Being clear about what is real and what is not is also crucial for me. I think this is a choice too. Not all of my dreams are figments of my imagination, in fact none of them are. If my mind has the ability to think up what my soul’s truest intentions are, maybe my dreams are not this far off distant experience I’ve been making them out to be. Maybe my dreams are real moments I’m projecting into the future or moments I have yet to experience that I’m yearning for. I don’t even know if I believe that the dreams I have at night and the dreams I have for my life are that much different anymore. I think they’re connected in more ways than my mind is able to contextualize right now, and that realization helps me own more of my thought creation process.

I meditate daily on the words of Neale Donald Walsch in “Conversations with God: Book 3”:

“Your world will follow your idea about yourself. First comes the thought about yourself and then the physical manifestation. What you think, you create. What you create, you become. What you become, you express. What you express, you experience. What you experience, you are. What you are, you think.”

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