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Make Room for the Moment

Planning & Thinking

Over planning and overthinking have it’s pros and cons. On the one hand, it creates opportunity to be prepared for as many outcomes as possible. On the other hand it can also create anxiety and doubt trying to anticipate what might go wrong in a given circumstance. I’ve experienced both trying to plan things to a “T” which eventually led to over analyzing, and left no room for anything organic in the moment.

Letting Go

Sometimes letting go of or at least easing up on expectations can help make room for the moment you’re in. As an Artist I am constantly learning this through my creative process. The more I try to plan for the moment, the more I realize I’m actually trying to control the moment. But how can I get what I really need from it if I’m only focusing on what I want? Sometimes what you need and what you want aren’t always aligned, and that’s okay. Making space for both is a balancing act that requires being honest while also relinquishing the idea of control.

Free Flow

It’s simple: make room for the moment. Reserve space for the opportunity to sync up with fate, and live in that freely. Less control doesn’t equal total chaos, sometimes going with the flow instead of against it is all you need.

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