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Defining My Style

Growing up I never really considered myself a stylish person. Even well into my adolescence, I was more concerned with what was popular than what complimented my own style. There was that “baggy clothes” phase which seemed appropriate at the time, but looking back I’m like what was I thinking?😖 Then there was that moment when everything in my wardrobe had to match, and this was before I even knew what a monochrome look was (trust me, it wasn’t giving that at all). Defining my own style has been an evolving process that’s also acted a segue into defining who I am.

Body Image

One of the first things people notice when they see you is what you have on. For a while, my confidence and body image weren’t aligned so hiding what I looked like was my motivation for getting dressed. I didn’t want to be seen, and I often bought clothes I thought looked good on other people. As I got older I discovered shopping for my own body was essential to finding the right fit, quite literally. I realized that style has everything to do with intention, and learning to love my body and what I put on my body made being fashionable more individually expressive.

Mixed bag

I’m a comfort over flashiness type of guy. I prefer a more relaxed, street style vibe with a gentleman’s flare. On a regular day, you’d definitely find me in jeans and a t-shirt, but it’s always a look. Even when I’m chilling at home or with friends, I put thought into what I’m wearing and what I’m saying to others about myself in the moment. I can be a bit obsessive about it (or so I’ve been told), but I love the way I feel when I’m put together the right way. Depending on the occasion, you could also find me suited up or rocking a more elevated casual look too. I don’t know if I would attach my style to one category or another in the realm of fashion, but I like mixing highs and lows as long as the quality is durable. Tailoring has also been a saving grace for me; if something doesn’t fit exactly the way I want, I get it altered. What’s most important to me is the flow and energy of a look, making sure it compliments my body and my confidence.

Here are a few brands I shop with frequently. I love their affordability and quality. Check them out:




Goorin Bros

Kenneth Cole


Calvin Klein

J. Crew

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